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7 Key Essentials When You Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

7 Key Essentials When You Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Every potential client listens to this very popular radio channel called WIIFM (What’s in it for me syndrome). We get asked frequently at Tribe1 what we can do at for brands when it comes to digital marketing. There are many digital marketing agencies in Vancouver and many specialize in certain fields or services. Over the past few years we have focused on getting the core key essentials just right and show pride in the work we have done for our clients both locally and internationally.

No matter what agency you work with there are 7 key essentials when hiring a digital marketing agency that every brand or business must evaluate.


The digital marketing agency you work with must eat, live and breathe digital. The world is rapidly changing and the mad men era of marketing is evaporating. A marketing agency needs to be able to understand the modern day consumers and how they engage on a digital platform. The culture must have a purpose, core values that are in alignment with the brand and or business. It is important to identify the DNA of a digital marketing agency and how it corresponds to a brands purpose.


A digital strategy is the most essential step in creating a compass for anything you do online. Digital marketing isn’t just a marketing campaign but a long term commitment. Every channel of traffic, every resulting outcome and conversion, and every digital marketing step is attributed towards an overall bigger vision and plan for a brand. Planning ensures you take all the necessary steps to deliver the right steps to determine a marketing control. Without strategy you are simply driving blind folded with no destination.


A digital strategy and a company or brands resources usually identifies a marketing budget. An experienced agency will help you identify a proper and efficient marketing budget. Yes you need a marketing budget to effectively deploy a digital marketing strategy. Unless you have been under a rock for the last few years we now embracing the age of paid media. Organic investment of time and outreach can only do so much. When it comes to digital marketing having a budget is essential to determine marketing controls, conversions and benchmarks.


The people, the agency and the resources both on the front lines and behind the scenes play a huge role in the success of a digital marketing strategy. One must ask, “Who makes my tribe?” You must be able to work with an agency that invests in their people and love what they do. Digital is happening 24/7 and the people that represent your brand and the people that work with your brand need to be aligned and have a passion for this stuff. Digital marketing is a collaborative approach and many people and resources contribute to the success of it!


A successful agency is one that is in the know of change. Digital is changing everyday and a significant amount of time must be spend on research. The most embarrassing moment is when an agency is irrelevant in their service, offerings or knowledge on how to operate search, social, context or any form of marketing and advertising. Research is a necessity and relevance adds credibility for any digital marketing agency.


Tribe1 is proud to say that we are not just an agency, vendor or service provider. The people who represent Tribe1 are the fabric to your brand. We truly care about the ongoing success for our respective brands and our customers are our heroes and a direct extension to our family. We build lasting relationships over the year and we are more than just an agency. We take an “Un-Agency” approach when it comes to being the fabric of every brand. The chemistry, synergy, attitude and…


We are currently in the era of the consumer. Many brands focus on their passions, products and services over the consumer journey. The journey however of a consumer is the most essential step to deliver results and conversion. A digital marketing agency finds the balance between a brand message and the consumer journey. You also determine the success of an agency you hire on the accolades and the journey you get on and the experience encountered.

All of these core essentials gear towards performance as the ultimate end goal. Tell us what other elements make a great digital marketing agency? Credibility? Portfolio? Campaigns? Lets add to this list!

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