Board of Advisors


Bosco Anthony
Our Founder
Digital Marketing Strategist & Storyteller

Bosco Anthony is a seasoned digital marketing and business growth strategist. Bosco is an international keynote speaker who recently was one of the headline speakers for Social Media Week. Bosco had a break out year in 2012 with over 40 plus keynotes, workshops and speaking engagements.

Originating from Tanzania in East Africa, Bosco started out in marketing and sales, eventually moving into management at Club Intrawest. Bosco moved to the Internet Marketing Center where he managed over 250,000 online affiliates. This allowed him to travel the global circuit where he was given many speaking opportunities.

Bosco launched his own boutique-style, virtual marketing agency called Tribe1 that specializes in content marketing, digital marketing, social media strategies, deployment and consulting.

He has an insatiable hunger to create and innovate and his fervent passion for digital marketing keeps him on the cutting edge. Bosco was featured on a recent documentary about young Africans making a global impact where his efforts and insights were highlighted. Bosco currently mentors various non-profit movements and global outreach programs.

tribe 1 adviser, david reeve

David Reeve
Brand Identity & Culture
Unleash Culture

Centered on this purpose David founded Unleash Culture and is on a mission to change the way brands DESIGN their culture and DESIGN their results.

Fueled with optimism, David is described as a “street smart thought leader” and “cultural warrior”.

David’s experience with entrepreneurs started over 23 years ago when he met his amazing spouse Michelle whom he affectionately describes as “a serial crazy ass entrepreneur”. Having started over 19 brands with Michelle, working with 100’s of entrepreneurs and building two of the largest award winning brands in Canada, David completely understands the mindset of entrepreneurs and equally as important the people that work with them.

David’s purpose in life is to Inspire people to be more than they ever thought they could be and leave them better than he found them”

tribe 1 adviser, randy dueck

Randy Dueck
Digital Creative
Street Smart Creative

Our creative agency is geared towards understanding, implementing and measuring your business goals when it comes to building a web presence. We believe that a strong digital strategy and design can drive the results your business seeks.

Randy enjoys being a resource and consultant to business in need of guidance and support. Many starts up find themselves in need of a mentor and Randy has proven to be that particular resource in all aspects of the web development arena.

Randy is proficient in building customized WordPress Sites and is able to provide training that’s easy to understand.

tribe 1 adviser, christine michelle

Christine Michelle
Cause Catalyst
Merita Movement

Christine Michelle is a 28 year old philanthropist, hairdresser, sound, art and style enthusiast. Impartial to academia, she spent the greater part of her youth creating and experimenting with art, crafts and textiles. Many blessed opportunities to travel internationally imbedded the travel bug deep in her soul which eventually landed Christine in the “heart of Africa” a city called Goma on the East border of Democratic Republic of Congo. Since time, she has spent an accumulated 19 months on the ground and several years moving back and forth between Vancouver and DRC.

Christine’s second visit to the continent of Africa was one in which forever changed her life and as a result, her creative interests (plus a love of scissors and sewing machines) provided her the opportunity to develop a program called Healing Arts. A fixed class room at the hospital in Goma as well as rural community outreach spaces where women who have experienced sexual violence come together joyfully and learn a variety of skills and trades to create opportunities and income for themselves while they are within their healing process.

tribe 1 adviser, jay lundy

Jay Lundy
Design Thinker
Spark Innovation

Jay Lundy specializes in ‘design thinking’ to achieve excellence in workplace innovation, team learning, group facilitation and collaborative problem solving. As founder and president of Spark Innovation, Mr. Lundy has seamlessly blended his formal education in both Architecture and Education into 25 years of business expertise creating high impact programs for hundreds of organizations large and small.

He founded Spark Innovation to address the urgent need for ‘Fresh Thinking’ – the essential tools and processes – now required by organizations to solve the complex and diverse challenges they face in a relentlessly competitive marketplace. Mr. Lundy focuses on smarter collaboration for teams and organizations which engages all stakeholders in an open, accessible and ongoing innovation process.

An accomplished speaker, master trainer and facilitator, Jay blends a creative, compelling communication style with an ability to bridge ideas and galvanize the commitment of individuals and groups to drive change on key issues facing their organization.

tribe 1 adviser, silas

Silas Balabyukkubo
African Youth Activist
Bavubuka Dynasty

Silas Balabyekkubo is an award-winning musician, producer, community youth advocate and social entrepreneur. A founding member of Uganda’s legendary hip hop group, Bataka Squad,

Babaluku is known for introducing Luga Flow to Uganda’s creative scene. This unique and powerful style of positive Hip Hop music has inspired youth in Uganda to embrace and celebrate their native languages, culture and tradition. Babaluku is dedicated to changing lives and giving hope to young people from the ghetto slums of Kampala to war torn Northern Uganda. Through the Bavubuka Foundation Babaluku supports projects that are calling forth the spirit of Ugandan people in creative arts, youth empowerment, education, community development, sports, fashion, journalism, and community-building events.

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