David Reeve Bio

david_reeveCentered on this purpose David founded Unleash Culture and is on a mission to change the way brands DESIGN their culture and DESIGN their results Fueled with optimism, David is described as a “street smart thought leader” and “cultural warrior”. David’s experience with entrepreneurs started over 23 years ago when he met his amazing spouse Michelle whom he affectionately describes as “a serial crazy ass entrepreneur”. Having started over 19 brands with Michelle, working with 100’s of entrepreneurs and building two of the largest award winning brands in Canada, David completely understands the mindset of entrepreneurs and equally as important the people that work with them. David has held a life-long fascination for why some brands have great cultures and why so many do not. David’s research and experience lead him to understand that culture is built in one of two ways, either by default or design. Fascinated by the fact that, unfortunately, 90% are usually built by default, David discovered the missing key elements of what he calls a brand’s “eco-system” and developed a simple system for getting this “eco-system” back in balance. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, David loves helping entrepreneurs develop the proper “eco-systems” within their brands by providing them the philosophy and “tools” to achieve consistent excellence in three areas; building amazing cultures, empowering awesome leaders and inspiring happy teams. David currently serves as the Chief Strategy/Culture Officer at Fully Managed (www.fullymanaged.com). Fully Managed is Canada’s premier IT managed services brand, built and achieving excellence around our core purpose of “Creating Peace of Mind”. During David’s tenure at Fully Managed he was able to provide them with the “eco-system” to become:
  • #1 Brand to work for in Alberta for millennials.
  • #1 Brand to work for in Alberta overall fewer than 100 employees.
Previously, David was the Chief Culture Officer at Nurse Next Door, Canada’s largest and most recognized home care brand in Canada. (www.nursenextdoor.com). Whilst at Nurse Next Door David helped take Nurse Next Door from zero to fifty franchise locations contributing to building the cultural and operating infrastructure. During David’s time at Nurse Next Door he was part of the senior leadership team that was able to guide them to become:
  • Top 10 ranked best employer in Canada.
  • #1 Brand to work in British Columbia.
  • Top 10 brand to work for in British Columbia 5 years in row.
  • Top 10 best cultures in Western Canada twice.
  • Named to the best progressive employers in Canada.
  • 2009/2010/2011/2012 ranked in the 50 best franchise systems in North America.
David is a Lean certified black belt in the Toyota production and uses elements in his teachings and designing of “ecosystems” to eliminate waste in the process and only keep what is of value to the end user. David David is a sought after mentor and works with many organizations including the US based Microsoft Accelerator Program powered by Tech Stars

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