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Google Triple Play – Analytics, Research and Webmaster Tools

Google Triple Play – Analytics, Research and Webmaster Tools

Tribe 1 would like to thank Kevin W for attending our Google Triple Play Event and reporting on the event.

Event Recap

It goes without saying Search Engine Optimization has changed over the years and evolved. On Wednesday evening, Keith Kidwell was the guest speaker at the Internet Marketing Thinktank giving his take on how the Google suite of SEO tools provide better management and positioning for websites.

Google Analytics answers all of these questions and can drill this information to the excruciating minutia of every last click

Where is my traffic coming from? What is it doing when it arrives? Does information flow on my website in a way that ends up convincing my leads to actually spend money? What can I do in the “conversations” my websites have with Google to optimize how I appear in Search? And are there things I can do to be more visible as Google crawls through my pages? As webmaster’s, we actually have the ability to see a snapshot of how Google sees us. And we have tools readily available to make that snapshot beautiful, efficient and productive.

Best audience question of the night hands down was the one 99% of the room already knew the answer to…“How much does this cost?” I know the guy who asked the question and he’s no dummy. He simply has a work-function that doesn’t cross paths with webmaster tools. But take the same question and look at it through a different lens. A bright marketing mind is hearing about Google providing tools and information that he perceives to be of value – tools and information that make websites perform harder, better, faster, stronger. He sees something of incredible worth in the right hands.

During the talk, I saw those just getting their feet wet taking vigorous notes. At the same time, I saw a lot of laptops and tablets following along in their own webmaster account as Keith drilled down useful information and trends that can be extracted from key numbers on the interface. 35-40% of arms went up when I asked during the presentation how many in the room were already using Google webmaster tools.

By the end of the night, everybody knew it’s free. Everybody knew its uses.

And we all walked away knowing that making the effort in the here and now has the potential to reap exponential rewards down the road. Searchers will find us more readily.

  • Clickers will stay with us longer.
  • Prospects are more apt to become buyers!

Audience notes on the event

Part 1 – Why Google Webmaster tools?

Essentials of webmaster tools covered were:

  • Sitemaps and verification
  • Site appearance
  • HTML improvements
  • Search Queries
  • Links to your site
  • Index Status
  • Crawl Errors and Stats

Part 2 – Google Analytics – What is happening on your site.

  • Dashboard – explaining the basic stats and numbers – bounce, avg. time on site, etc…
  • Audience Overview – Geo, language, visitor flow, device types

The 3 Keys to Analytics:

  • Acquisition
  • Behavior
  • Conversion

Part 3 – Keyword Research

  • How to perform keyword research and the recent changes to the analysis tool
  • The importance of phrases and variations on keywords
  • Using Yoast or All in one SEO to optimize webpages
  • Optimizing Images, Video and Digital Media

About the speakers:

BIO: Keith Kidwell brings 13 years of online marketing experience specializing in strategic planning, web development, traffic generation and conversion optimization. Starting in 1996, he worked with several publically traded companies, pioneering the use of the web to attract investors and media attention. He has also been with the Internet Marketing Center (IMC) working with over 150 small to medium enterprise. As Vice President of Internet Marketing with one of Vancouver’s leading web marketing firms, Keith provided consultation and strategic planning on all areas of design, SEO and conversion for firms of $10-200 million in revenues. He has presented to many groups, including the BC Human Resources Management Association and Thompson Rivers University Marketing Dept. Through his firm Netsurf Marketing, he is now using his passion as an Web Marketing Consultant to help businesses and entrepreneurs get the most out of their online potential.

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