Street Smart Creative is a digital creative agency located in Vancouver British Columbia that focuses on web development, creative and branding. This website was powered by Street Smart Creative. The design team was instrumental with providing digital creative branding for the website.

David founded Unleash Culture on the simple purpose of helping brands “discover greatness within”. David has held a life-long fascination for why some brands have great cultures and why so many do not.Davids philosophy is that culture is built by design rather than by default.

Julian Fok is a Vancouver based motion photographer. Julian specializes in digital creatives and web photography. Julian is a catalyst for story telling through his work on digital photography. Julian showcases an impressive digital portfolio that embodies innovation.

Pollux Chung is a multimedia designer with over 15 years of combined professional expertise in Video, Illustration and Photography. Pollux was instrumental in capturing all the moments, interviews and content for the Digital Dialogue Show and took care of all the editing and video enhancement.


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